Ellen Traylor is the best selling author of 19 books, with sales of about one-million in English and many foreign translations. Her biblical novels bring the Bible to life, and her modern day novels shed light on world events and the Middle East. Her books of personal reflection give food for thought and answers to some tough life questions. Her many fans eagerly await each new installment in her literary pilgrimage.

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Port Hole Publications is Ellenís own publishing company. She is seeking entertaining, wholesome books to publish. If you have a project you would like her to look at, Click here to submit your project.

Ellen preparing a presentation from historical archives.

Ellen is available to speak at churches, schools, conferences and retreats.

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Ellen is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and daughter. She shares life with her husband, Richard Schulz, with homes in Montana and Oregon. She is very proud of her two sons, Aaron and Nathan, and her granddaughter, Anneka. Ellen shares much time with her mother, Carol Gunderson

Ellen with her family at Nathan's wedding; bride Tiffini Bauder with groom, Nathan Traylor; Ellen's mother Carol Gunderson (front right); son Aaron (top right); husband Richard Schulz (top center)

Ellen with her two sons, Nathan (left) and Aaron (right).

Ellen with her daughter-in-law Chelsea and Granddaughter Anneka.

Ellen shares life with three wonderful canines: Maggie, Foster and Tommy.

Ellen in the Boardroom of Amazon.com


Port Hole Books, Ellenís retail book shop at 179 Laurel St., Florence, Oregon, specializes in new-used-rare books, special orders and book searches. Ellen has been the book appraiser for Discovery.com, a Sothebyís/eBay Master Dealer in rare books, and is a Pro-Merchant for Amazon.com. If you are looking for a hard-to-find book or want a book appraised, contact her.

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Our charming seaport building in Florence, Oregon, is home to Port Hole Books and Publishing.

The cozy interior and fireplace room of Port Hole Books, Florence, Oregon, embrace customers with warmth and welcome.

Port Hole Books online warehouse in Gardiner, Oregon.

Port Hole Books building in Polson, Montana.

Victorian Ellen representing Florence, Oregon Dickens Festival as President of merchants organization

Ellen (center) with fellow merchants and the Dickens tree.

Ellen (right) donating Food Share funds raised by merchants organization through sales of her book, A Bridge Back - The Early Days of Florence, Oregon.

Ellenís book on Florence, Oregon, published for the 150th Anniversary of Oregon, was accepted into the archives of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.

Ellen at Frankfurt book fair to visit her German publisher, and research the Oracle

Ellen, husband, Fr. Jim and Eve Reeves in Rome, researching The Oracle

Ellen with her father, Herb Gunderson (left), husband, Richard (right) and mother (Carol Gunderson) at Jordan River, researching Jerusalem - The City of God

Ellen and husband, Richard, on Mars Hill at Acropolis, researching Something Like Scales

Ellen serenaded by Bedouin shepherd near Jericho, researching The Cornerstone

Ellen on admision to Vatican Archives, researching The Oracle

Ellen Gunderson Traylor's Port Hole Book Store and Publications